Bathtub Nantes in Solid Surface



Bathtub Solid Surface,

Length: 178cm
Width: 88cm
Height: 52cm
Capacity: 360 liter
Weight: 138kg
A matching sink is available.

Warranty of 5 years!
Free delivery!




Our Solid Surface Material Composition
It is manufactured by a continuous casting process, in accordance with strict quality controls. Being a fully homogeneous solid, the surface is hard and hygienic, non-porous and can be repaired easily.

Formula: ± 1/3 of methacrylate and resin polyester combined with a mineral aluminum load (± 2/3). It is a non-porous material, so the surface normally repels stains and spills, making this material optimal for many types of tasks. 

To maintain your product, we recommend that you clean your surface with a damp cloth and mild liquid soap or a household degreaser. For more difficult tasks, you can use a scouring pad in combination with a detergent.

Whenever a chemical is in contact with the surface, it is imperative to rinse with water thoroughly afterwards. 

User Advice
Never place hot pans or any other heated products in direct contact with the surface. Avoid heavy or sharp objects touching the surface. You need to use water or ammonia-based cleaner to remove stains immediately and rinse with water. Coffee stains, cigarette burns and scratches can disappear with a scouring pad.


Product Bathtub
Material Solid Surface
Production type Standard
Color White
Depth 178cm
Width 88cm
Height 52cm
Mounting Brackets Not Included
Overflow Included
Delivery 5 weeks
Guarantee 5 years
SKU 32
Featured Yes

1. What are the steps for ordering a bath tub?
The first step is to place the order on our site, by choosing the model, desired dimensions, positions of the taps, etc.

Once the order saved, you will receive within 48 hours, a technical plan which you will submit when returning the mail.

Once your plan is validated, the production of your order is launched, it will then take 5 weeks for production.

Once your product is manufactured and ready for shipping, you will receive an email with information about your order.

2. Are siphons provided?
Yes, the siphon is included.

3. What kind of siphon will I get?
You will receive a horizontal siphon. If you prefer a vertical one, you could ask.

4. What is the cost of transportation ?
Transportation is free in Europe.

5. Is my order insured against breakage ?
Of course, your order benefits from insurance against breakage. It is important to appropriately control the product in presence of the carrier.

6. Is my bath tub guaranteed?
Yes, you benefit of a 5 years guarantee by Solid Surface.