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About Silestone

What is Silestone?

We receive lots of emails and phone calls from our customers asking things like: “Is Silestone marble?”, “Is Silestone pure quartz?” and “Are granite and Silestone the same thing?”
It just goes to show, even though Silestone is one of the most popular materials in the world out of which to craft exquisite kitchen and bathroom products, not many people really know what it is. So let´s give you a bit more insight.


Silestone bathroom siding


What is Silestone made of?

Silestone is made from a combination of quartz and a small amount of other raw materials that make it incredibly tough. More hard wearing than most materials on the market, in fact. It resembles granite and marble, but because it is mostly made out of quartz crystals, it shines a little bit brighter than either of those materials.


What percentage of quartz is in Silestone?

If you’re wondering, “Is Silestone environmentally friendly?”, then you can rest easy. Silestone is made from 90% quartz, with only 10% made from a combination of polyester resin, colour agents and antimicrobial protection.
The polyester resin binds the quartz and holds the crystals together, enabling it to be formed into a very hard-wearing solid surface. This means it has an incredibly long lifecycle and might never need to be replaced, unless you choose to redesign your bathroom.


Silestone bathroom cabinet


Silestone bathrooms

Bathrooms made of Silestone are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the flexibility of the material. It comes in over 100 different colours, giving you a huge variety of possibilities for your bathroom remodelling project.
There are Silestone shower trays, Silestone washbasins and even Silestone wall panels available on the bathroom market. What´s more, because it is custom-made in large panels, it can be installed seamlessly without visible joints.


  Silestone bathroom


Is Silestone heat resistant? 

One of the best things about Silestone in comparison to other materials is that it is non-porous. What this means is that it’s not just easy to clean with warm, soapy water or mild household cleaners, it’s also resistant to heat and scorches. So you needn’t worry about leaving your hair straighteners on there for a hot minute, because the Silestone will stay looking shiny and new unless you really abuse it.


Why is Silestone so expensive?

Did you know that Silestone actually kills bacteria? That’s a true sign of a luxury bathroom material. And just one of the reasons that people are willing to pay more for Silestone than they are for granite bathrooms. You only need to look at Silestone to know that it’s worth the investment – it is truly beautiful. It’s harder to stain than granite and marble and you will never need to seal it, like you would with marble. And, as we say, because it’s so hardy, it will last you a lifetime, should you choose to install it in your bathroom.


SIlestone counter top