About us


At Riluxa we are a dedicated team of people with a passion for great bathroom design. We manufacture fully customisable bathroom furniture in Corian and other exclusive materials of the highest quality. Our high end bathroom products range from bathtubs and shower trays to vanity units and mixer taps. All our products are manufactured in, or sourced from Spain, Italy and Germany and come with full warranty.

At Riluxa we are more than a company selling quality products, we also provide expert knowledge and individual support to bring your bathroom design to life. Working with us means you get personal guidance throughout the process from a team that knows their products inside out. It is our job to find the best solution for your project.

We support you in your creative process

Are you looking for something non-standard? We can custom build bathroom furniture, basins, vanity tops, bathtubs and trays to your exact measurements. After all, no two rooms are the same and designers often have to work within limited space or odd angles. It can be a real challenge. How do you find a bathtub to fit a small space? What do you do when you need an extra long vanity top to fit exactly from wall to wall? How do you creatively utilise an awkward bit of extra space? We understand the challenges architects and designers are dealing with and we are confident we can solve your problem. We’re here to support you in your creative process.

With so many aspects to think about, from the design all the way down to the plumbing, you want to be assured that the products you order are right for your space. We therefore supply a technical drawing showing the exact dimensions and details of your customised product before we send it to the factory for production. Our bathroom furniture is built to last and comes fully assembled. All equipment is provided for easy installation.

Corian® Industrial Partner

We are proud to offer exclusive Corian® products for your bathroom. Corian® is well known in kitchen design for countertops and is also extremely suitable for bathroom design. It is not only visually pleasing, but its seamless appearance makes it very easy to clean. Extra flat shower trays, beautifully sculpted washbasins and island bathtubs are just some of the products we offer, and we are able to provide an exact colour match of your Corian® product with our other bathroom furniture.

As an official Corian® Industrial Partner, all Corian® bathrooms products you buy from us are recognised by the DuPont™group and come with a 10 year guarantee.