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Mitigeur Lavabo Mural Treemme - 2851__5m

  • Chrome.
671,55 €
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The sophisticated design of Cinquemillimetri highlights the essential technological characteristics that compose the product. The main peculiarity is given by the constant thickness, not only when the water is released from the mouth of the tap, but also internally during the passage in all its dynamics of mixing.
This patent in fact allows the passage of water in five millimeters also in the flat version.
The use of a single thickness for all the components of the tap, for the control levers and for all the applications of the series make the design of 5mm light, imperceptible.. almost ethereal. 
It is a technology developed in the details to ensure an innovative aesthetics, a cutting edge line and, at the same time, a high attention to the environmental sustainability and to water saving.
Type de produit Robinet
Serie 5mm
Reference 2851__5m
Matière Chrome
Couleur Gris
Hauteur 19.6cm
Longueur 15.6cm
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